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Throughout the Direct Sales industry, we have seen a change. The last 30 years have flipped the industry on its head with the introduction of cell phones, the internet, ease of access to foreign production, and bad characters taking advantage of a well-meaning industry.  What used to be a community of respected salespeople meeting face to face with their customers with a product they could believe in from a company they could rely on has now been overshadowed by doubt, frustration, poor training, fraud, and unsupportive business owners. 

 It is important for everyone to know that Rob and I recognize these issues plaguing other brands, and have made a list of promises to the consumer and advisor that you can rely on. Our goal is to not only provide a good product and a good business opportunity but to bring respect back to an industry that others have abused. 

These are our Promises:

  • Low Starting Investment - The decision to start a business is a hard one, and for many an impossible one when you account for the cost and education that goes into the brand design, marketing, product development, inventory, credit card processing, etc. Direct Sales affords business-minded people the opportunity to start a business without the huge upfront cost and knowledge that traditional businesses usually require. However, over the years we have seen brands greatly increase that barrier to entry to a point where it becomes a great risk for people to attempt going into business with that brand. 

     While the investment does make someone work hard to succeed to return their investment, it blocks those who need a business of their own the most.  Those who have limited funds to make such a huge investment. Rob and Amy are in business to help ALL those who wish to succeed, not just those who are willing to invest huge amounts or put themselves at risk. We promise to always have low starting investment options to make the opportunity an option for everyone. 

  • Low Personal Financial Risk - Brands that are built on their partners carrying high amounts of inventory or having huge personal purchase requirements each month are built on false sales figures. Real customers that are not part of the brand are the key to a sustainable business model that makes for very stable monthly figures for everyone involved. Not to mention the financial burden there is to require inventory for someone who might not have the means or ability to sell person to person.

     We recognize that inventory works for several people, but not for all. And the basis of being in business for yourself is to be able to make decisions on how you wish to run that business and what you can financially take on.  We promise to never require inventory, as all orders can be done through a website with us shipping directly to your customer.  We promise to never require personal purchases for you to reach or maintain higher ranks.  We promise to never encourage you to make financial decisions that put you or your family and security at risk.  

  • Your Choice of Business Track - Many Direct Sales companies have one goal in mind.  Recruitment for teams. And it's not an incorrect goal to have. Growth is the biggest success factor in business and recruitment of new team members is vital. But far too often you see such importance put on this that those who wish to work the retail side of this business and not get into team management find they have no option to do so through smaller wholesale profit payouts and team-driven only bonuses.

     As a business owner, you have the ability to run your business how you see fit. Cove Creek is merely a brand you sell to make your business successful. So we start everyone off at the same level, no matter which track you take. If you decide to work retail only you have the same wholesale profit amounts those who wish to take the team management track have. Plus there are bonuses and opportunities that are open to retail sales-only Advisors. We promise to never minimize the earnings of one business track to push Advisors towards another. 

  • Quality Products - With the foreign manufacturing market becoming so strong, and brands looking to cut costs where ever possible, we have seen a vast decline in product quality over the last 20 years, with some brands taking the "deal with it" approach or denying there is a change or issue. We are the first to say some products are simply made better from, or ingredients might only be grown in, countries outside the United States. Quality should always be the first concern. But to take cost-cutting shortcuts no matter what it does to quality just diminishes the customer's faith and trust in the brand, leaving the brand's partners feeling unsupported.

     Cove Creek does all of its consumable manufacturing in-house with the exception of a few products which still come from areas in the United States. We source our ingredients from distributors that support sustainable farms that produce high quality, no matter the location. And we source our non-consumable products from all over the world as determined by quality.  We promise to always put quality first, and stand behind everything we produce and sell. We promise we will never knowingly send out products that are sub-par, and will always do everything to right any situation that arises. 

  • Professionalism - Some brands have made headlines for their lack of professionalism in their interaction with their brand partners.  Involvement in parts of their lives that do not pertain to the business, discussion of religion, encouragement to change their appearance, and even marriage and financial advice.

     While Rob and Amy love the personal relationships they have created and will create, in this business with Advisors and employees, there are boundaries that should not be crossed. Maintaining a healthy working relationship is priority #1. We promise to never interject our opinion or dictate how someone should carry on in their personal lives politically, religiously, and with their relationships. We promise to never be involved in your personal relationships, your diet or appearance, or to encourage financial practices that would be detrimental to your family or your personal financial security. 

  • Transparency - The worst thing that can happen to a brand partner is when they've invested time and money into a new brand project, they've worked hard to build a team or a customer base that is focused on and loyal to the new brand, and suddenly the brand shuts down with no notice or news. To have the rug pulled out from under you in a venture you are striving hard to make successful instills fear and distrust in future opportunities.

     We recognize that fear has become very prevalent in the last 10 years. New brands start, seemingly on fire for 1-2 years, then suddenly shut down for no reason with the owners to move on and start a new brand. We promise to always be transparent with anything that affects your business and Cove Creek's health as a brand so you are never left wondering if it's successful or not. If there is ever something that affects the brand, the Advisors, or the industry as a whole we promise to work on it WITH the Advisor's involvement as a team. 

  • Corporate Access - How many times have you seen a brand where you couldn't even name the owners or the players in the corporate upper structure? Maybe there is one "face" to the company but really there are 20 owners, individuals, and other businesses. The chances of you ever speaking to them are so remote you'd never think to even try. This disconnection causes brand loyalty to suffer and trust in what the corporate office wains. ​

    Cove Creek's corporate structure is very simple. The owners are, by majority ownership; Amy Davis, her husband Rob Davis, and their eldest son Anderson Davis. That's it. We promise to always be involved, even as we grow bigger and bigger, and we will always want to know how things are doing and how everyone is growing. We promise to always have access to all of us for matters that require our attention or cannot be handled by other departments in corporate or your upline.  

  • To Be the Best We Can Be - The last 30 years have seen brand owners begin brands that are doomed from the start. Either it's a lack of education in the industry, a poor choice in suppliers or production companies, an inability to run an operation like Direct Sales, lack of funding or too much debt creation, etc. They don't strive for being the best, they strive for being the quickest or the flashiest.  This is typically where we see companies falter or fail. Our goal is to be the complete opposite.

     While this is a family-owned business, we know where our strengths and weaknesses lie and we hire out for the expertise or knowledge we do not have. We promise we will always have a company run with the correct people in place for their positions. Our goal was to be in the black from day 1, and we have achieved that and maintained it. We have incurred no debt in this venture, and we have cash reserves to help us make any new decision or product change we wish to. We promise to strive to always be debt-free/cash-rich, and we will never make a financial decision that knowingly puts the brand at risk. ​

As we grow, we learn...All of us do. We promise to always be striving to learn more, be more, achieve more, and support more. Our goal is massive growth for everyone, and together we can make that happen. 

 Yes, it's a lot. But it's important. It's our #PromisesKept.  -- Amy & Rob Davis

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