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Melodie from WV

Berry Breeze


I have been drinking one cup of collagen daily for just over a month now. One thing I've noticed for sure is how strong my nails are. I was showing off how good they look when a friend mentioned how young my hands looked. I hadn't even really noticed that so I went back and found pics of my hands that I had taken last year. I swear the difference is astounding. I truly look forward to taking pics in another month for comparison.

Jennifer from CA
Bath + Massage Oil


I’ve been using the Bath and Massage Oil + Lavender and Lemon as an all over body oil every morning after showering and again every evening on my arms and hands right before bed. I’ve been doing this routine for the past 7 months. Because of this, my fingernails are super healthy and they grow extremely fast. I get compliments on them all the time.  People often ask me what “cuticle oil” I use. ma I don’t use cuticle oil, just Cove Creek Bath Oil twice daily.

Mary from AK
Calm Critters Tea


Some mornings the Pom is just a crazed little beast, lol, so I wanted to see how the CALM CRITTERS TEA would work for him. I tried brewing it and adding to his water, but he wouldnt touch it. So I sprinkled some on his food. The first time he acted like I was trying to poison him (he's really dramatic) but he ate it . 15 minutes later he was snoring in the recliner.  What a relief, peace and quiet restored!

Wanda from PA
Berry Breeze


I just bought this Berry collagen powder last week. I love it! I can see a big difference already and have only been using it close to week. I can see it in my upper arms and mostly on my face.  I love it and will keep getting it.  Plus the berry taste is so much better than those store bought collagens!  Thanks Denise for introducing this amazing product!

Tracy from CA
Citrus Shine + Berry Breeze


I have been drinking the Berry Breeze and Citrus Shine for about a month now and I have noticed a difference not only in my energy but my hair, skin and nails are much more healthier. I usually have one every morning instead of coffee  and sometimes in the afternoon because it is so delicious and refreshing. Today, I tried mixing both of these drinks in my blender bottle with some ice and it is DELICIOUS!!

Charlie from KS
Scrub - n - Suds


So I used my scrub-n-suds on the crockpot after a messy sticky orange chicken meal and holy cow did it ever do an amazing job!!  All the suds are from 1/4 tsp, no dryness after on my hands, no greasy feeling after and the icky came right off with little to no scrubbing.  I'm definitely a fan since I don't have to use as much soap as I used to and it gets cleaner too.

Jennifer from CA
So Clean


We had black ants coming into my shower traveling throughout the bathroom & into my daughters room down the hallway. They found her kittys food dish.  


I cleaned them up quickly with SO CLEAN-Lemondrop. The spray killed the ants instantly and made everything smell wonderful!  The ants did not return. 

Mary from AK


As soon as my package arrived, I grabbed the REFRESH (Lavender Field), sprayed it all over the furniture, blankets, curtains, carpets, rugs, every soft surface possible! I left the room and came back. NO dog or barnyard smell detected! My family needs to get their noses checked because they all told me they couldn’t smell the lavender. BUT they also didn’t smell the barnyard LOL I loved the fine wide spray to cover quickly, and love the locking triggers!

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